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M.L. Ceramic Capacitors (High Dielectric)



Size (LxW) : 0.6x0.3 - 3.2x2.5

Thickness (typ) : 0.3 - 2.5

Rated Voltage [Vdc] : 4.0 - 50.0

Capacitance : 100pF - 220uF

DreamChip, as a distributor of TAIYO YUDEN, offers top-quality multilayer ceramic capacitors that are ideal for a wide range of electronic applications. These capacitors provide high capacitance values, while taking up minimal space due to their small size and low profile design. They are highly reliable and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. Whether you are working on a consumer electronics project or industrial application, TAIYO YUDEN multilayer ceramic capacitors from DreamChip are the perfect choice.

M.L. Ceramic Capacitors (High Dielectric)

  • MBASJ063SD7104KFCA18

    (Previous Part Number : JMK063D7104KP8FE)


    Status Mass Production
    Capacitance 0.1 uF ± 10 %
    Case Size (EIA/JIS) 0201/0603
    Rated Voltage 6.3 V
    tanδ (max) 10 %
    Temperature Characteristic (EIA) X7T
    Operating Temp. Range (EIA) -55 to +125 ℃
    High Temperature Loading
    (% Rated Voltage)
    200 %
    Insulation Resistance (min) 100 MΩ·μF
    Dimension L 0.6 ±0.03 mm
    Dimension W 0.3 ±0.03 mm
    Dimension T 0.3 ±0.03 mm
    Dimension e 0.15 ±0.05 mm
    RoHS Compliance (10 subst.) Yes
    REACH Compliance (235 subst.) Yes
    IEC62474 (Ver. D26.00) Compliance Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    Soldering Reflow
    Standard Quantity Taping Paper 15000pcs
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