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Company Information

DreamChip : Customer Satisfaction First

President and Chief Executive Officer:

Since DreamChip's Foundation in 2000, we have achieved growth by undertaking sales and trading of various sort of electronic components. The product line-up includes capacitors, inductors, resistors and so on. These components used in such electronic devices as smartphones, tablets, wearable. Not only that, they are also used in a wide range of fields such as healthcare and environmental sectors, industrial equipment, automobile.


As the era of where people can not live without electronic devices, we will lead this era. We will move forward so that the components what  we distribute can be used in a wider variety of devices and eventually contribute to human happiness.


In keeping with our management philosophy of "perseverance", "challenge", "passion", Dreamchip will result in the best outcome. In closing, we will do out best to meet your expection.

Kyung-Je Woo
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