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Taiyo Yuden's product lineup on major applications

Ceramic Capacitors

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs): Available for general use, automotive, industrial, and medical applications. These capacitors are known for their high capacitance, reliability, and compact size, making them ideal for various electronic devices.
Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: These capacitors combine the benefits of conductive polymers and traditional electrolytic capacitors, providing high capacitance and reliability, particularly for automotive and industrial applications


Power Inductors: Designed for power supply circuits in electronic devices. Taiyo Yuden's power inductors offer low loss, high efficiency, and compact design, suitable for mobile devices, automotive electronics, and industrial equipment.

Ferrite Bead Inductors: Used for noise suppression in electronic circuits, these inductors are critical in maintaining signal integrity in various applications

High-Frequency Products

Multilayer Ceramic Devices (LTCC): Include filters and baluns for high-frequency applications. These components are essential for wireless communication devices due to their stability and performance.

Chip Antennas and FBAR/SAW Devices: Provide solutions for compact and efficient wireless communication, supporting applications in smartphones, IoT devices, and other wireless systems​

Noise Suppression Components

Ferrite Bead Inductors: Effective in reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electronic circuits, ensuring the smooth operation of electronic devices by filtering out unwanted noise​.

Innovative Technology

“Taiyo Yuden consistently invests in R&D, leading to advanced products like high-capacitance MLCCs and cutting-edge inductors."

Quality and Reliability

"Known for stringent quality control, Taiyo Yuden products are highly reliable and durable, ensuring stable performance in various applications"

Comprehensive Product Range

“Offers a wide array of passive components, energy devices, and circuit modules, meeting diverse customer needs.”
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