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Wire-wound Metal Power Inductors [LMEN]

Metal Power Inductors (MCOIL)

Size (LxW) : 2.0x1.6 - 2.5x2.0

Thickness(max) : 1.2

Rated_Current(max)[A] : 1.5 - 6.7
Inductance : 0.15uH - 4.7uH

TAIYO YUDEN MCOIL™ Metal Power Inductors are designed to provide high efficiency, low power loss, and excellent DC bias characteristics. Their compact size and high reliability make them ideal for use in space-constrained applications. These inductors have a wide range of inductance values and rated currents to meet various circuit requirements. With the TAIYO YUDEN MCOIL™, users can expect superior performance and stable operation in their power supply circuits. Contact DreamChip today to learn more about these high-quality metal power inductors.

Wire-wound Metal Power Inductors [LMEN]


    (Previous Part Number : MEMK2016TR24MGNK8)


    Status Mass Production (Preferred)
    Inductance 0.24 uH ± 20 %
    Case Size (EIA/JIS) 0806/2016
    Rated Current (max) 3.5 A (⊿L=30%, ⊿T=20℃),
    5.5 A (⊿L=30%, ⊿T=40℃)
    Saturation Current (max) 6.8 A (⊿L=30%)
    Saturation Current (typ) 8 A (⊿L=30%)
    Temperature Rise Current① (max) 3.5 A (⊿T=20℃)
    Temperature Rise Current① (typ) 4.6 A (⊿T=20℃)
    Temperature Rise Current② (max) 5.5 A (⊿T=40℃)
    Temperature Rise Current② (typ) 6.2 A (⊿T=40℃)
    DC Resistance (max) 18 mΩ
    DC Resistance (typ) 14 mΩ
    Absolute Maximum Voltage 20 V
    Operating Temp. Range -40 to +125 ℃
    (Including-self-generated heat)
    Temperature characteristic
    (Inductance change)
    ± 15 %
    Dimension L 2.0 ±0.2 mm
    Dimension W 1.6 ±0.2 mm
    Dimension T Max 1.2 mm
    Dimension e 0.5 ±0.2 mm
    Measuring Frequency 1 MHz
    RoHS Compliance (10 subst.) Yes
    REACH Compliance (235 subst.) Yes
    IEC62474 (Ver. D26.00) Compliance Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    Soldering Reflow
    Standard Quantity Taping Embossed 3000pcs
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