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AC series, X5R and X6S High Capacitance MLCC


2021년 12월 3일

high demand like X5R/0402/1uF/6.3V, X5R/0805/2.2uF/50V, and X6S/0201/100nF/10V

YAGEO Group, the global leading passive component provider, recently launched automotive-grade X6S and X5R AC series MLCCs in high capacitance, including items in high demand like X5R/0402/1uF/6.3V, X5R/0805/2.2uF/50V, and X6S/0201/100nF/10V. With this extension, YAGEO Group has completed the last pieces in providing comprehensive Automotive solutions for MLCCs!

Electric vehicles have driven the consumption of MLCCs. While X7R & NPO MLCCs with bigger sizes can handle many tasks of EVs, a vehicle’s size and weight are also crucial for power efficiency. People also expect an Electric vehicle to bring more comfort & convenience functions. The infotainment system has become essential. Additionally, the ADAS system also adopts many MLCCs to detect, analyze, and calculate the rapidly changed data in a short time.

These in-car computing activities need lots of data transmission and calculation. High capacitance with a reduced package size MLCCs is required to minimize noise and maintain a stable operating system during the high-speed data transmission and calculation. YAGEO AC X6S and X5R MLCCs become excellent solutions to fulfill the needs.

The AC X6S and AC X5R are adopting AEC-Q200 criteria. To reach an even higher quality level, YAGEO takes approaches including high-quality raw materials, advanced and dedicated production line, tightened processing control, and entire in line and outgoing automatic check are adopted on top of the existing production standards. With X6S and X5R to complete the last piece of product range with NPO/ X7R/ X8R/ X8G, YAGEO has provided the most comprehensive Automotive solution for MLCCs.

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[AC Series]
Size TCC Vol Temp Cap(~)
0201 X5R 10V 85℃ 12nF 100nF
X5R 6.3V 85℃ 12nF 100nF
0402 X5R 6.3V 85℃ 120nF 1.0uF
0805 X5R 50V 85℃ 2.2uF 2.2uF
0201 X6S 10V 105℃ 12nF 100nF
X6S 6.3V 105℃ 12nF 100nF

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